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Nanjing kgi, electric co., LTD

Industrial safety experts
Professional industrial security solution provider
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Kgi, strong comprehensive strength
kaijite comprehensive strength

Our products are raw materials using imported European integration chip,Production lines are imported from Germany leading equipment manufacturers,Production line with advanced production technology and perfect testing means,Strict adherence to international standards development and production in China。

Product variety,The variety is complete
Case has extensive application

The main products close to the sensor、Photoelectric sensors、Wheel speed sensor、Analog sensor、Displacement sensor、Pressure sensor、Cold and hot metal sensor、The electronic CAM controller。

Widely industrial application cases
Strong professional strength

Widely used in machinery manufacturing、Metallurgy、Textiles、Electric power、A car、Light industry and other industries。

My company and cultivation、Nac、Some Chinese military enterprise、Inner Mongolia baotou iron and steel group、Baotou aluminium、One machine、Clips group, and other enterprises have many years of cooperative relations。

Professional production of technical guidance
Scientific production, staff management system

Kgi products raw materials the company imported European integration chip,Form a complete set of production line imported from German mainstream equipment manufacturers,In accordance with international standards development and production in China。

Perfect after-sale service system
Perfect service system

In ensuring that our products are advanced、Reliability、Stability at the same time,Continuously improve service quality,Ensure that customers can receive good service。

Shall be the responsibility of the technical personnel for clients to provide free technical advisory services at any time,Answer user questions raised in a timely manner,To help users solve the problem。

Nanjing kgi, electric co., LTD
Force for a long time

Nanjing kgi, electric co., LTD

Nanjing kgi electric co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of sensors、Electronic research and development of high-tech enterprises。Its leading products close to the sensor、Photoelectric sensors、Speed sensor、Weighing sensor、Safety light curtain、Wireless sensors、Conveyor belt protection device, etc,Has been widely used in machinery manufacturing、Metallurgy、Textiles、Electric power、Light industry and other industries。“Strive for perfection、Pragmatic efficient”The enterprise spirit of constantly promote our technological progress,Perfect quality management system and innovative research and development technology provides the perfect quality guarantee for our product。...

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