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  • While prawns Entrepreneurship

    Eat hot pot knows that,Hot pot taste good and best price。Ordinary people can all consumers。If you ask small make up if joining the hotpot, choose what brand?Small make up recommend the king will give you ... In more detail>>

  • Business outlook is infinite To choose the king

    Joining website claims prawns on food safety contribute their strength,Strictly the food quality。While shrimp soup combined with Chinese herbal medicine carefully modulation secret recipe,In order to can let consumer eat to the wind ... In more detail>>

  • While prawns The bottom line

    Catering to join specially set up a design center,According to the customer's actual housing conditions for store decoration design,Made a door head design and shop equipment、Facility layout,To join us ... In more detail>>

  • While prawns Supplement the human body

    Pre-opening training and so on all sorts of equipment work,Can be obtained by head office to assist;After opening will be someone to do the guidance on a regular basis,Really make franchisees made it easier then the boss。While in Shanghai ... In more detail>>

About us/ABOUT US

Shenqiu huai shop while claims prawn was founded in catering management co., LTD2010Years,Since the beginning was high praise from all walks of life,Passing by3Years of accumulation temper、Whole、Now formally for the national chain。Huai shop while big shrimp sauce core based on the folk and the market,At the same time collecting folk dietotherapy formula,Extraction48The taste of Chinese herbal medicine,Spicy but not dry。30Kind of special flavor,All the long、The essence,Own chun and thick、Delicious soft、Feed without ingredients of the vegetable oil,Truly the food not angry、Through the north and the south、The four seasons a good meal、Characteristics for young and old spicy hot pot、Soup pot。In order to achieve“Huai shop while prawns”To the country every corner,The company adopts the advanced franchise mode,Sincerely invite more intentional strength franchisees to act together,Common development。And make the network support platform for 24 hours,Can provide franchisees operating conditions in the solution。To rely on“Huai shop while prawns”The deep corporate culture,And the first-class food quality,The scientific management mode,Standardized operation procedures,To ensure that each franchisee and stores can hot opening and stable development。

Looking to the future,We will be deemed it its duty to spread the Chinese food culture to the world,Innovation in the inheritance,Constantly challenge themselves in the innovation,Bring new feeling for consumers、New experiences,For partners to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to expand,Hold the pulse of The Times with you,Common writing belongs to our win-win glorious era,Lead the Chinese food culture to the world!

Eight big advantage Help you succeed in the future


  • Brand support

    Provide business authorization letter、Authorized the use of the brand。

  • Cost control

    To assist store address option,Assessment of support and the design rules。

  • Personnel training

    Needed to run the best cases of claims prawn training of technical personnel and management personnel。

  • The layout of the environment

    Headquarters provide kitchen layout diagram、The kitchen equipment、Eat chair table equipment configuration scheme。

  • Researchers urged

    With front desk、After the kitchen manager urged guidance。

  • Manual data

    Provide the necessary businessVIThe manual、Kitchen operations manual、Staff management manual and operation manual。