Hubei OTT technology co., LTD. Is located in huangshi city hi-tech development zone business,Is an application to provide customers with the metal surface treatment technology and chemicals of emerging enterprises。Absorbing the formula and technology of the foreign technology,Pay attention to the scientific research institutions and domestic closely united,Constantly improve product performance and development of new products。

      Elaborate metal cleaning agent of the company、Phosphating agent、Table regulate、Passivation agent、Chromizing agent、Saponifying agent、Corrosion inhibitor with environmental protection, etc、The characteristics of easy to use。Widely used in electrical appliances、A car、Motorcycle、The bicycle、Board tape、Hardware、Cold working steel、Aluminum alloy processing and other industries,Obtained the customer the consistent high praise。

      The company is dominated by science,Take the quality as the life,For the purpose of service,In order to meet customer demand as the goal,In good faith to make friends,Efforts to provide customers with better products and services。

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