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Mail Box: 1242433990@qq.com

The factory address:Yi chun city in jiangxi provinceShanggao reed

     StateIndustrial park

Office address:Yi chun city in jiangxi provinceShanggao county new

     The cityBehind the district bureau of dormitory

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 Jiang Xisheng sea source new material co., LTDIs a collection of scientific research、Production、Sales for the integration of modern science and technology enterprises,Specialized is engaged in non-metallic mineral powder fine art processing,Strong technical force,Ultra-fine powder is the domestic production technology leader。The company is located in jiangxi province yi chun city shanggao LuZhou industrial park,Neighboring shanghai-kunming high-speed、Big wide high-speed、320National highway、Zhejiang-jiangxi railway freight station traffic arteries, etc,For the company superior product transportation provides convenient geographical conditions。

  The company continuously introducing advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad,Capable of producing all kinds of non-metallic mineral powder20Ten thousand tons of production capacity,Company production of calcium carbonate.Active calcium carbonate. Silicon ash powder.Transparent powder.Xinli18To log in.Calcite powder.Dolomite fines and all kinds of non-metallic mineral powder surface treatment,Has been widely used in plastics、Rubber、Coatings、Wire and cable、Adhesive、Printing ink、Paper making、Ceramics、The glass、Chemical and other industries。

  Company's business network all over the country,In line with“Take the customer as the center、Take the quality as the core、Long-term adherence to the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit”The management policy,With superior quality,At a low price,With the new and old customers to achieve a win-win situation。

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Calcium carbonate has been widely used in paint、Coatings、Paper making、Cosmetic、Building materials、Pharmaceutical and other industries,Calcium carbonate is the most important in the inorganic materials used in plastic。Coarse whiting and light calcium...

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  At present,China silicon ash quarry mining method,Most are open。Mining scale according to the national committee of mineral reserves《Silica fume mine geological exploration specifications(On a trial basis)...