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7Indoor environment expert,Only what you needPrivate tailored one-stop solution

7Star household environment system

14Years committed to residential intelligent system integration technologyChina's hvac construction units

Tailored according to your requirements of personalized one-stop solution

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The international first-class comfortable household concept and technology Top grade apartment house、Villa、High-end publicComfortable home systems engineering of choice for business


Top international comfortable household conceptTop international concept of home comfort

7Star system will take the lead in the international first-class comfortable household concept and technology to China
7Star system adopt international top brand products,Stable and reliable、Outstanding quality
7Star has a mechanical and electrical general contracting grade b qualification,Adornment is decorated three level qualification

Guided by the demands of your customized designTo tailor your demand-oriented design

Tailored according to your requirements of personalized one-stop solution
The organic integration of one-time purchase,Remove your coordinate the trouble of each supplier,Allows you to save time、Worry
Standing in your position to carry on the design completely,Put an end to function of accumulation

Perfect reflect the international first-class indoor ecological environment valueThe perfect embodiment of a world-class indoor ecological value

International environmental standards authority certification project
Have professional air testing equipment,Provide you with the most professional、The most authoritative testing services
High efficiency and energy saving project、Safe and durable,Protect your family's health

Based on the7Excellent quality and housekeeper type service for lifeqixing based on superior quality and lifelong butler service

A two-year warranty,Flexible extended warranty service,One enjoys a safe choice
Standardization、The whole process of housekeeper type management mode,Bring extreme experience for you
To provide7*24Hours on-site technical service support

Why the need for immigration,In the home can be zero distance contact with nature!

The whole country7*24HService special line4000-836-266Advice immediately

7Star, a comfortable home Introduction to the brand

Seven stars comfortable home is Beijing huasheng kang technology development co., LTD2001Years of high quality brand building,Main product for comfortable household system,Through engineering in direct selling mode to satisfy the high-end customers(Top grade apartment house、Villa、High-end public, etc)The individualized demand for indoor environment is increasing day by day。Many cases,Trustworthy7Star brand13Years...

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